How to Sign Up

Catering is only offered at our Bryan and College Station locations.

Choose a location

Time slots are two hours in length

Payment and Cancellation Policies

  • Spoons requires a signed contract and payment of the Base Price to reserve the event. Payment for any additional cups and fees will be billed the day following the event. We accept Check, VISA, Master Card, Discover, AMEX, or Cash as payment.
  • Spoons offers a full-refund if cancelled four weeks in advance of the scheduled event. No refunds are offered for any cancellations within four weeks of the scheduled event.

Want to Spoon at your place?

We do too! Let Spoons Yogurt cater your next event! We’ll bring your 2 favorite flavors of our delicious frozen yogurt, and 8 of your favorite toppings for you and your guest to enjoy!

How It Works

  • Spoons will bring your choice of two yogurt flavors and eight dry toppings to your location. Spoons will also provide cups, spoons and napkins.
  • A Spoons employee will dispense the yogurt from the machines, and your guests add their own toppings. In contrast to our shop, self-service is not an option at private events. The Spoons employee will be on site at all times.
  • Please call or email to reserve Spoons Yogurt at your event as far in advance as possible so that we can be sure to have all your flavors and toppings available for you.


  • Situation: A party has an expected attendance of 250 people and 200 are expected to enjoy a yogurt.
  • Result #1: 195 cups are used at the event. The Base Price of the $50 event fee + $800 gives a total price of $850 + tax.
  • Result #2: 228 cups are used at the event. The Base Price of the $50 event fee + $800 + (28 x $4) + $50 overage fee gives a total price of $1,012 + tax.